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May 13

This Weekend’s Results


Bexley vs Kennington GAME POSTPONED.

Kennington res 3 – 0 Ashford Athletic res. Liam Blackwell (x2) and Iain Seamons.

May 12

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Bexley vs Kennington. KO 14.45

Kennington res vs Ashford Athletic res. KO 14.45

May 06

This Weekend’s Results


Staplehurst 0 – 5 Kennington. Harry Goddard (x2), Dale Davis, Tommy Scorer and Joe Fisher.

May 05

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Staplehurst vs Kennington. KO 14.45.

Apr 30

This Weekend’s Results


Kennington 6 – 0 Guru Nanak. Tommy Scorer (x2), Jordan King (x2), Harry Goddard and Joe Fisher.

Rolvenden res 5 – 0 Kennington res.


Locomotive res 6 – 5 Kennington sun. Mitchell Punt (x2), Lewis Horne (x2) and Kieran Lynn.

Apr 28

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Kennington vs Guru Nanak. KO 14.45. Sandyacres.

Rolvenden res vs Kennington res. KO 14.45.


Locomotive res vs Kennington sun. KO 10.30.


Apr 23

This Weekend’s Results




Cheriton AFC 3 – 6 Kennington sun. Carlum Macleod (x3), Lee Milton (x2) and Valmir Parralangaj.

Apr 22


Kennington vs Guru Nanak cancelled at 14.00. Guru Nanak were unable to raise a side.

Sorry for any inconvenience to everyone coming to support us today. 

Apr 21

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Kennington vs Guru Nanak. KO 14.45 (Julie Rose Stadium)

Kennington res NO GAME


Cheriton AFC vs Kennington sun. KO 10.30

Apr 17

This Weekend’s Results


Kennington sun 0 – 4 Market Hotel.


Kennington 1 – 0 Punjab United. Joe Fisher. 

Apr 14

This Weekend’s Fixtures




Kennington sun vs Market Hotel. KO 14.30 (Homelands). Ashford Sunday Charity Trophy Final.


Kennington vs Punjab United. KO 14.45 (Julie Rose)

Apr 09

This Weekend’s Results


Kennington 1 – 3 Erith 147. Joe Fisher.


Kennington 5 – 1 Shepway Spartans. Carlum Macleod (x3), Lewis Horne and Steve Johnson.

Apr 06

Q&A with Josh Hayward

Coming back to the club after a few seasons away, what’s different about this squad?

I feel that the squad is bigger, with better players and the help and experience of John Ovard, helping Dan Scorer out, if we don’t go up this year we’ve got to win the league next year

Your partnership in defence with Adam Phillips and Ross Lawrie – what’s your opinion on that?

I feel that Adam is a good defender but also plays well in midfield. He’s very comfortable on the ball and has very good vision which works well in partnership with me. Roscoe is also good in defence, good tackling, speed, and recovers from my mistakes pretty well!

What do you think you add to the side?

As I’m the oldest player, yes I am 31 ! In the team, my experience playing centre half, my voice as I believe communication is everything, and I think I’m good in the air and can control the team (should be captain ;). Also, a good tackle is always good!

How high do you think we can finish at the end of this season?

If the results go in our favour, we should finish first or second. I’d like to win every single game I play in, and if every player gives 110% we should win every game.

What do you think about the attitude, both on and off the pitch, this season so far?

I think the lads attitude is good, but in the last few results we’ve been leading up to 70 minutes then we switch off and draw, off the pitch, the banters good, all about the banter, it’s good that we go out and have a few beers, all in all I we’ve got a good team and good team spirit.


Apr 06

Q&A with Ali Griggs

Being new to the club, what do you think you add to the side?

I am the youngest in the side. At 18 I think I add pace up front to the side and lots of energy. I’m a work horse so I’ll run and run and run. Playing along side H I think is good because we have a good partnership – he’s the aerial threat and I just win the seconds.

What is different about Kennington to your previous clubs?

Kennington I have found to be more of a team club, unlike like the previous club I played at. They are not a team they are just a load of ex higher league players just shoved together and no look at youngsters either. But Kennington are more together and I’ve feel I’ve settled well. Love training with the boys and playing each game with them! Managers are by the far the best I’ve played under as well, feels good to have managers that have confidence in younger footballers.

What do you think about your performance so far?

I feel like I’ve put a half decent performance since I joined – I’ve scored 6 goals so far I think. But I’ve worked hard every game as I want to improve myself and also do well for the club and the team!

What do we need to tomorrow against a tough opponent?

I just feel like we need to go out and work hard like we normally do, press high and we should come away with 3 points. We need to play our game and keep the ball on the floorand of course score some goals. Hopefully I can get on the score sheet as well.

What do you think about the management?

I think the management is quality. Like I’ve previously said, it’s the best management I’ve played under. John used to be a quality centre forward and having him teach me and give me pointers is only going to make me improve and make me a better player. Also, he’s just a nice geniune man! And Dan is a good quality manager, believes in me and I will show him why he should do. Also he’s a good manager because he can be a part of the lads but when it comes to the changing rooms everyone respects him! But all round it’s a good set up.



Apr 06

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Kennington vs Erith 147. KO 14.45 (Julie Rose Stadium)

Kennington res NO GAME


Kennington sun vs Shepway Spartans. KO 14.30 (Homelands). Val Helen Division One Cup Final.

Apr 02

This Weekend’s Results


Kennington 4 – 0 Hildenborough. Jordan King (x2), Harry Goddard and Ross Lawrie.

Kennington res 0 – 1 Smarden. 


Red Heathens 0 – 4 Kennington sun. Carlum Macleod (x3) and Lewis Horne.


Apr 01

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Kennington vs Hildenborough, KO 14.45 (Julie Rose Stadium)

Kennington res vs Smarden. KO 14.45 (Sandyacres)


Red Heathens vs Kennington sun. KO 10.30 (Charing Heath – Ashfordd Charity Trophy Semi-final)

Mar 26

This Weekend’s Results

Faversham Strike force 4 – 4 Kennington. Harry Goddard (x2), Joe Fisher and Ali Griggs.

Kennington res 1 – 0 Ashford Athletic res. Liam Blackwell.


Sunday no game

Mar 24

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Faversham Strike Force vs Kennington. KO 14.45 (Sittingbourne Community College, ME10 4NL)

Kennington res vs Ashford Athletic res. KO 14.45 (Sandyacres)



Mar 19


Kennington 7 – 1 Lydd Town Reserves. Richard Quigley (x2), Dale Davis, Joe Fisher, Ali Griggs, Danny Shearing, Tommy Scorer.

Smarden 1 – Kennington res 1. Bobby Rice.


Prince Albert 2 – 6 Kennington sun. Kieran Lynn, Mitchell Punt (x2), Carlum Macleod (x2) and Steve Johnson.

Mar 17

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Kennington vs Lydd Town reserves. KO 14.45 – Julie Rose Stadium

Smarden vs Kennington res. KO 14.45 – Cornes Meadow (TN27 8NF)


Prince Albert vs Kennington sun. KO 10.30 – Appledore Recreation Ground

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A note for the diary, the club’s presentation night will take place at Kennington Cricket Club on Friday 2nd June at 19.30.

Mar 12

This Weekend’s Results


Kennington 2 – 1 Borden Village. Jordan King and Ali Griggs.


Kennington sun 3 – 0 Cheriton AFC. Carlum McLeod (x2) and Valmir Parralangaj.

Mar 11


Kennington res vs Lydd town 3rds is cancelled. Lydd are unable to put out a side. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Mar 10

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Kennington vs Borden Village. KO 14.45 – Julie Rose Stadium

Kennington res vs Lydd Town 3rds. KO 14.45 – Sandyacres


Kennington sun vs Cheriton AFC. KO 10.30 – Sandyacres

Mar 05

This Weekend’s Results


Kennington 2 – 0 Fleetdown. Harry Goddard (x2)


Kennington – Cheriton AFC. GAME POSTPONED – Waterlogged pitch.

Mar 03

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Kennington vs Fleetdown United. KO 14.45

Kennington res NO GAME


Kennington sun vs Cheriton AFC. KO 10.30

Feb 26

Today’s Result

Loizors 1 – 8 Kennington sun. Carlum McLeod (x4), Mitchell Punt (x2), Michael Hodges and Steve Johnson.

02 25

Today’s Results

Kennington 3 – 0 Stansfeld. Tommy Scorer (x2) and Harry Goddard.

Lydd Town 3rds 1 – 3 Kennington res. Stuart Taylor, Bobby Rice and Mike Hodges.

Feb 24

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Kennington vs Stansfeld – Julie Rose Stadium. KO 14.45

Lydd Town 3rds vs Kennington res – Lindsey Field. KO 14.45


Loizors vs Kennington sun – Towers School. KO 10.30

Feb 19

This Weekend’s Results


Farnborough OB Guild 2 – Kennington 3. Harry Goddard, Brad Jordan and Josh Hayward.

Ashford Athletic res 2 – 6 Kennington res. Iain Seamons (x2), Bobby Rice, Liam Blackwell, Harry Yates and Kieran Lynn.


Kennington sun vs Sandgate AFC. GAME CANCELLED.

Feb 17

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Farnborough OB Guild vs Kennington 1st. KO 14.45

Ashford Athletic res vs Kennington res. KO 14.45


Kennington sun vs Sandgate AFC. KO 10.30

Feb 17

Friendly Result

Ashford United U18 1 – 2 Kennington 1st. Ally Griggs and Harry Goddard.

Feb 16

Tonight’s Friendly

 Ashford United U18 vs Kennington 1st friendly at Homelands. KO 19.45. All support welcome. 

Feb 12

This Weekend’s Results


Kennington vs Hollands and Blair (friendly) cancelled due to frozen pitch.

Smarden 1 – 1 Kennington res cancelled due to frozen pitch.


Craven Park FC 1 – 1 Kennington sun. Lost 5-4 on penalties.

Feb 10

This Weekends Fixtures


Kennington vs Hollands and Blair (Friendly). KO 14.30

Smarden vs Kennington res. KO 14.45


Craven Park FC vs Kennington sun. KO 10.30

Feb 04


Today’s reserves match vs Lydd Town 3rds has been postponed.

Tomorrow’s sunday match vs Sandgate AFC has also been postponed. 

We apologise in advance and will re-arrange fixtures to be played as soon as possible.

Feb 03

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Punjab United vs Kennington 1st – KO 14.45. DA12 5ND

Kennington res vs Lydd Town 3rds – KO 14.45. (Game currently postponed as Sandyacres in unplayable. Trying to switch game)


Sandgate AFC vs Kennington sun – KO 10.40. Lympne Village Hall

Jan 29

Todays Result

Stanhope and Beaver Rangers 0 – 4 Kennington sun. Steve Rice, Carlum MacLeod, Mitchell Punt and Lee Milton.

Jan 28

Today’s Results

Kennington 3 – 0 Farnborough OB Guild. Harry Goddard, Dave Bass and Ally Griggs.

Tenterden res 2 – 2 Kennington res. Liam Blackwell and Stuart Taylor.

Jan 27

Q&A with Dale Davis

How have found the last couple of weeks after re-joining the club?

Really glad to be back and especially back at Kennington. Obviously after not playing for 4 months and not playing regular it’s going to take me some time to get back to my best but after the first game I was fairly happy with how I played. Obviously I know Dan really well having played with him and managed alongside him aswell as a few of the others, sich as Quiggs, Tommy, Ads and Rosco and Bassy so when Dan gave me a ring and see if I wanted to come back it was an easy decision!!

What has attracted you to come back?

Umm I missed playing football and wanted to get back playing really. I’d say I think personally the squad we have is as good as any I’ve seen at this standard, so that was a big attraction because I know a lot of the boys and they play very good football which I think suits my style of play aswell, but if I’m honest I think the main attraction was Dan because he’s created a great buzz and a young side that play great football, and being honest if this squad can build and stay together we could fly through the divisions so I think I combination of the three.

How does the current squad compare to the squad you were part of 2 seasons ago?

No disrespect to the squad 2 years ago and I mean I haven’t played for them in a few years. If I’m honest it took me bit by surprise how good it was and how much strength in depth there is and if I’m honest it’s only going to get better with experience and age. It’s a good mix of lads to be honest and a squad that, in fairness if we were up a league I think we would hold our own. It just seems to be killing off games that’s what let us down – for example, against Lydd.

Do you think the squad are prepared for tomorrow?

I think 100%. I think to be back at the Julie Rose is what we need. After the Lydd game I’m sure once we get in the changing rooms it’ll get buzzing! If the lads aren’t up for it, I’m sure Dan and John will get us going as tomorrow is a big 3 points for us. If we win tomorrow it could push us on for the rest of the season.

What do you think you add to the squad?

I think I personally add that bit of bite and aggression you need to win the ugly game.s I’m a ball playing centre midfielder that loves getting on the ball and making things happen. I’m good in the air and love a battle in the middle of the park obviously being one off the older ones in squad at 25 I’d like to think now maybe a bit of experience aswell as the games I’m going to get fitter and I’ll hopefully add quite a lot to the squad and get back to where I was a couple of years ago. It’s still a long rest of the season so as the games happen everyone will add to the squad but let’s start tomorrow and get the 3 points we need.


Jan 27

Hopefully we’ll get some football this weekend!


Kennington 1st vs Farnborough OB Guild. Julie Rose Stadium, KO 14.00

Tenterden res vs Kennington res. Tenterden Recreation Ground, KO 14.15


Stanhope and Beaver Rangers vs Kennington sun. Pitchside, Stanhope, KO 10.30

Jan 20

This Weekend’s Fixtures

Saturday 21st January

Bexley vs Kennington KO 14.45 (New Eltham London SE9 2AJ)

Kennington Reserves vs Ashford Athletic Reserves KO 14.15 Sandyacres

Sunday 22nd January

Stanhope and Beaver Rangers vs Kennington Sunday KO 10.30 Pitchside

Jan 14


Jan 13
Q&A with Tom Barnes
You were young player of the season last year. Who do you think has the potential to win it this year?
There is a lot of potential in our squad. There is a few boys I think could win it this year – Joe Fisher, Jordy King and Brad Jordan. All these players have great talent all in different areas of the pitch. This squad is a very young squad so we have lots of great talent to show .
After a positive start to the season, we have been struggling to find our best form in previous weeks. What do we need to do to get back to where we were?
As a team last season we all stuck together and showed great character. This season needs to be the same we all need to stay as a team and even if we do lose games and keep our team spirit the results will come. Also we are a team that loves playing football and keeping possession. As soon as we start playing long ball we are not a threat. If we keep the ball and be patient then we will start to tire teams and that’s how I think we are better at winning games. This team has great potential and deserve to be at the top and with the teams. We have and the spirit and I think the results will come and we will start to climb the table and challenge in the league.
Dan described you as a goalkeeper who is gifted very technically. If you could set yourself a target for the rest of season, what would it be?
Being a short keeper I’m not gonna be a keeper  who comes for crosses and dominates the box. So as a keeper I have always been taught to play with my feet and have the ability to pick passes and play out from the back. Over the years I have concentrated on my footwork playing out from the back and also my handling and one on ones. As I keeper I’m always trying to improve my game so my target for the rest of the season is to be more organised. I know myself I’ve got to be louder every game to get the team organised for set pieces and to constantly be shouting so we get things done quickly instead of last minute and concede. So yeah I know I need to talk more and get us more organised so that would be my target.
What do you think about the attitude overall on the pitch this season?
The attitude if I’m honest I think it’s been poor at times including myself.  But that might be because of our poor run of games. No one likes losing but like I said if the attitude gets better and each player on the pitch is backing eachother and not giving attitude then we will go on a run of games. Winning and challenging back at the top which is where this football club should be.
What do you aspire for in this forthcoming season?
I hope as a team, management and players we can get on a run of wins and try to push for that promotion. This team has bags of potential and everyone knows it, but it has to click and I think it will. This season I don’t think the league is as strong at last season, and this season we have brought in good players so I don’t see why we can’t get a run of games winning and pushing for the top places. This club deserves to be at the Top and in the league above. Everyone helps out at the club and we have a great team, Jon Lanc, Dan and John Ovard are all working behind the scenes to get this club where it should be, so I hope we push and get the promotion we need!!
Jan 13

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Kennington 1st vs Farnborough OB Guild. KO 14.00
Pitch inspection at 09.30

Smarden vs Kennington res. GAME POSTPONED


Stanhope and Beaver Rangers FC vs Kennington sun. GAME POSTPONED

Jan 08

This Weekend’s Results


Lydd res 3 – 3 Kennington 1st. Harry Goddard (x2) and Joe Fisher.

Kennington res 4 – 2 Ashford Athletic Res. Kieran Lynn, Harry Yates, Steve Johnson and Paul Barron.


Kennington sun 6 – 1 Willesborough Athletic. Carlum McLeod (x3), Mitchell Punt, Jason Simms

Jan 06
Q&A with Scott Bradley

Having started university this year, have you missed playing with the boys?

Every time I come back during the holidays I realise what a good bunch of lads Dan has and it’s hard to find a squad like that! It was one of the disappointing factors of leaving for uni, not being able to play for this team. 

What’s your favourite memory of playing with Kennington?

Favourite memory has to be assisting matty but I won’t got too much into that. Also, getting the promotion was a very good memory. I also think that the quality we have is beyond this league but that’s doesn’t matter if we don’t fight for one another and put the effort in and win the individual battles that quality is lost.

What do you make of the squad this year?
From what I’ve seen and heard, the squad has got a lot more experience than previous years. Always been solid defensively but attacking wise we have a lot more options, just need to maintain the hunger to get goals.
Tom Barnes followed you on winning the young player of the year award last season. Who amongst do you think could win it this year?
Tom Barnes could secure for a following year, few big games ahead will be needing him at his best. Joe Fisher as well, if he can score some important goals for us he’ll be in for a shout. Dane getting played everywhere and he keeps putting his all in he will be there abouts. Adam Phillips as well, he’s turns up every week with a cool head and great consistency.
What do we need to do tomorrow to start 2017 on a high?
It’s a big game not just the start of 2017 but against Lydd. They will be up for it, we need to be that bit more! Preparation for this game will be important, it will determine how the game will go.
Jan 06

This Weekend’s Fixtures

Due to all games at Sandyacres being postponed this weekend we have managed to switch our games so a full weekend of football.

Saturday 7th January

Lydd Reserves vs Kennington 14.00 KO

Kennington Res vs Ashford Athletic Reserves 14.15 KO (Game switched and will now be played at Norton Knatchbull School)

Sunday 8th January

Kennington vs Willesborough Athletic KO 10.30 (Game switched to The Towers School)

Dec 18

This Weekends Results


Stansfeld 3 – 3 Kennington 1st. Joe Fisher, Jordan King and Matt Foster.

Kennington res 1 – 4 Faversham United. Steve Rice.


Kennington sun 0 – 0 Stanhope and Beaver Rangers

Dec 16

Q&A with Adam Phillips

How do you think having Ross Lawrie back in the side tomorrow will help us?

Having Rosco back in the side is a massive positive as he is such an important player, not only for the team but for myself as well. We formed such a formidable partnership last season but with him being in an out of the side so much this season it will be good for him to get a good run of games until the end of the season.

Do you believe that the current squad is the strongest it’s been since you’ve been at the club?

Yes I do, every season the team has improved to compete at the very top of the league. Every addition to the squad has bought something new to the side which has definitely made us stronger as a squad.

You rejoined the club when manger Dan Scorer took over. What do you think he has done in this time to push the club forward?

Dans football knowledge is second to none and having only been a manager for a short period of time he knows a lot on how to treat every player an get the very best out of each an every one of us, which can only be a good thing on getting this club to where it should be!

What do you think about our performance as a team has been in previous weeks?

Our performances haven’t been up to our usual standard these past few weeks but we have still managed to get results which means that we are doing some things right and managing to slug out the wins. But in some of the bigger games we just haven’t showed up and struggled. As the season goes on I believe we will pick up our best form going into the next half of the season!

What do you think about your individual performance this season?

I can say myself have not been as good as I want them to be, I have struggled to enjoy playing football this season, but hopefully after this Christmas break I can get the buzz back and start enjoying football again! There is no better bunch of lads that I want to do that with!


Dec 16


Stansfeld vs Kennington 1st. KO 14.00

Kennington res vs Faversham United. KO 13.30


Kennington sun vs Stanhope and Beaver Rangers

Dec 11

Today’s Result

Kennington sun 1 – 0 AFC Locomotive. Carlum McLeod


Dec 10

Todays Results

Kennington 1st 1 – 3 Faversham. Tommy Scorer

Kennington res 0 – 3 Woodchurch

Dec 09

Q&A with Richard Quigley

What has been your highlight of the season so far?

So far this season for me this season has to be the victory away at Borden. I think a lot of people expected us to go there and get bullied and I think we proved to a lot of people that day that we are serious contenders this year and will be there or there abouts come the end of the season.

The mentality of the team has been spoken about a lot this season. What do you think needs to change mentally to get back to the form of 5 or 6 weeks ago?

It’s a hard one to answer this and I can’t put my finger on what’s been the issue recently but we haven’t been starting games well at all. I do believe though the embarrassment of last weeks first half and the roasting we got from Dan and John was the kick up the ass we needed. I think tomorrow the intensity from the first whistle will be better and we need to take that into every game.

How have you found playing under Dan having played with him previously?

It’s different to the days of playing with each other that’s for sure when it was just all laughs and jokes. Seeing that serious side was something I hadn’t seen before and at first it made me chuckle when he got angry he won’t like me saying ha but I think he’s got a great balance of being one of the boys and manager.

The Faversham game has always been a great game to be involved in. You are yet to play against them for Kennington, so what are you expecting?

Every game I play is new to me this season as it’s my first year in this league but from what I’ve heard I’m expecting something like the Borden game – a strong physical team so we will need to be on our game and match them.

What are your thoughts on our style of play this year being new this season?

I think it’s worked in some games and not in others but I think for a lot of people it’s a learning curve including my self. We either seem to be horrendous or unplayable when we play it. There’s no in between!


Dec 09

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Kennington 1st vs Faversham Strike Force. KO 14.00

Kennington res vs Woodchurch. KO 14.15


Kennington sun vs Locomotive Reserves. KO 10.30

Dec 04

This Weekend’s Results


Kennington 4 – 5 Punjab United. Tommy Scorer, Danny Shearing, Ally Grigg and Jordan King.


Kennington sun 8 – 0 Sandgate AFC. Carlum McLeod (x4), Kieron Lynn (x2), Steve Rice and Jason Simms.

Dec 02

This Weekend’s Fixtures

Saturday 3rd December

Quarter Final Kent Intermediate Cup
Kennington vs Punjab United. KO 13.30 Julie Rose Stadium

Sunday 4th December

League Cup Quarter Final
Kennington vs Sandgate AFC
KO 10.30 Sandyacres

Nov 27

This Weekend’s Results


Guru Nanak 1 – 3 Kennington. Harry Goddard (x2) and Brad Jordan.

Kennington res 6 – 2 Smeeth and Brabourne. Joe Edwards (x2), Bobby Rice, Steve Rice, Liam Blackwell and Leon Reed.


Kennington sun 5 – 0 Prince Albert. Steve Rice (x2), Iain Seamons, Jake North and Steve Johnson.


Nov 25

Q&A with Brad Jordan

What is it that is different about Kennington from your previous clubs?

For starters most of the boys I’ve known for a long time, whether it being friends or people that I’ve grown up with. And because of that there’s a connection and bond between most of the lads which has a positive effect on the pitch (apart from last week). Also with Kennington you’re a lot closer to the people behind the scenes such as Jon so you can actually see what they are really doing for this club.

The club is already a strong team with lots of different styled players. What do you think you add to the side?

We’ve got a lot of hidden talent in our team and it has surprised me with what quality we have. I’ve never really been a goal scorer but with Dan playing me in the role that I’ve been playing I feel I can bring goals to the team and also create them with the likes of Tommy, Fish and Goddard in front of me.

After last week, what is essential that we change tomorrow in order to get the win?

Pretty much everything. From the start we just weren’t at the races. It’s not just what happens on the pitch it’s how we prepare for the game. Because we’ve got such a good team I feel we just are expecting to win every game when it’s really not that easy. But I’m certain that we will bounce back and get the 3 points tomorrow.

Everybody talks about the physical side of football being important, but how important is the mental side?

I’d say it’s as important if not more. Talk to anyone in the game and at some point they have had headloss for some reason. Then it comes to how mentally strong you are to bounce back, it takes some people longer than others. I feel football is a sport with quite a lot more downs than ups, but when it’s going good it’s a great feeling and worth it.

What do you think about your individual performance over the last few weeks?

I feel they’ve been pretty average for what is expected of me. I am probably my biggest critic apart from my dad but ask any player and they generally know when they are playing well and when they aren’t. But hopefully that changes tomorrow and I get a few goals but more importantly we get the win.


Nov 25

This Weekend’s Fixtures


Guru Nanak vs Kennington 1st. KO – 14.00

Kennington res vs Smeeth and Brabourne. KO – 14.45


Kennington sun vs Prince Albert. KO – 10.30

Nov 20

Today’s Result

Kennington sun vs Willesborough Athletic. Game cancelled.

Nov 19

Todays Results

Greenways 4 – 0 Kennington 1st.

Kennington res 3 – 0 Hythe Grovellers. Iain Seamons, Steve Rice and Michael Hodges.

Nov 19

Q&A with Harry Goddard

You’ve come into the club when it is said to be at its strongest. What do you think main difference is about Kennington to your previous clubs?

Just respect to Tenterden but the standard of football is one of the main reasons I’ve joined the club. It’s a great bunch of lads we have here and the buzz in and around the changing room in unreal.

The Gaffa has said that you offer a completely different dimension to other attaching options. What do you think you add to the side?

I would say a target man – someone to told the ball up for the likes of Tommy, Brad and Fish to run off me, also helps having someone like John at the club to help me improve.

After last week, what do we need to do to bounce back from the disappointment?

Just keep the momentum going. We have the strength and depth in the team to get the result we need this weekend just need to keep it ticking.

Everybody has been commenting on the team spirit this season. What do you think it is that’s keeps the morale so high?

The relationship we have between all of us and also with Dan and John helps boost the mood. We’re all a pretty close team and all close friends which helps as well. We all understand each others strengths and weaknesses which is a big advantage during matches.

What do you think we can manage this year with new players?

We keep on going the way we are. I think we should be looking to win the league also a good cup run.


Nov 18

This Weekend’s Fixtures

1st – 19th November

Greenways vs Kennington. 14:00 KO 

Reserves – 19th November

Kennington Reserves vs Hythe Grovellers. 14:15 KO

Sunday – 20th November

Kennington Sunday vs Willesborough Athletic. 10:30 KO


Nov 13

Today’s Result

Kennington Sun 5 – 2 Gardners Arms. Mitchell Punt (x2), Carlum MacLeod (x2) and Jason Simms.

Nov 12

This Weekend’s Results

Kennington 3 – 3 Staplehurst Monarchs. Tommy Scorer (x2) and Jordan King. Match abandoned after 85 minutes.

Kennington res 16 – 0. Mark Buckland (x3), Steve Johnson (x4), Steve Rice  (x3), Bobby Rice (x3), Jake North, Leon Read and Paul Barron. 

Nov 11

Q&A with Dave Bass

The Gaffa has already highlighted that your performances so far this season have put you in with a shout for managers player. What do you think he has been impressed with?

I’ve got the buzz back for football this season and it’s paying off on the pitch. I know myself I’m not one of the better ball players in the side and I try to make up for it by hard work and putting my tackles in and then giving it easy to more the gifted players. I’ve always gone by the saying ‘hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard’ and hopefully that comes across to the gaffa.

What do you think of the atmosphere within the team at the moment?

The atmosphere in our squad is unreal, the best it’s ever been in fact. The unbeaten run helps that of course. It helps that we all have a laugh and joke together but when it’s time to knuckle down and put the grind in we all do it. We know our targets and won’t stop until we hit them.

With the team moving back to the JRS tomorrow what would you say your best memory of playing there has been?

I’m buzzing to be playing football again back at the JRS. The pitch a couple of seasons ago was like a carpet and it makes it so much easier for us to play our passing game on. There isn’t a memory that stands out for me but I’m sure me and the boys will put that right over the next few months ahead 🏆

What do you think the club can achieve this year in all competitions?

We’re going for the league. I genuinely believe we’ve got enough talent and character amongst us to mount a serious title challenge. Will be nice to go on a long cup run as well and hopefully pick up a trophy there. 🏆🏆

Do you think the club has the mental strength to challenge for the titles this year?

I believe so yes. A lot of us as juniors played at a high level and won things and a few of the lads have played at a much higher adult level and come the business end of the season their experience will prove vital. The club as a whole deserves to be playing higher and we’re trying to achieve that.


Nov 11

This Weekends Fixtures

Saturday 12th November

Kennington vs Staplehurst Monarchs

KO 14.00pm. Julie Rose Stadium

Biddenden vs Kennington Res

KO 14.15pm

Sunday 13th November

Kennington Sun vs Gardeners Arms KO 11.05am


Nov 07

Julie Rose Stadium

The club is delighted to announce that next Saturday 12th Nov we finally return to playing football at The Julie Rose Stadium. After 3 months of repairs the surface is finally deemed playable and we look forward to returning and continuing our fine run of form which sees us able to go top of the league with our games in hand. The bar will be open, all support welcome.

Nov 06

Today’s result

Kennington sun – Iden Park. Game postponed

Nov 05

Today’s Results

Erith 147 1 – 2 Kennington 1st. Tommy Scorer and Brad Jordan.

Folkestone Invicta Disability 2 – 5 Kennington res. Josh Jones, Steve Johnson, Brandon Alford, Iain Seamons and an own goal.


Nov 4

Q&A with Dane Rollings

What do you think the return of Tom Barnes will do for the club?

Barno is a great lad on and off the pitch but his ability speaks for itself…. We have had a few keepers help us out this year and have done very well but the confidence we have in barno is second to none, glad to see him back playing again.

What do you think about our team this year?

I think we have a great squad this year and the attitude and commitment from then boys has been top draw! The results have been rolling in and momentum continues which come the end of the season all our hard work and efforts will pay off.

What are your hopes for this coming season?

Myself and the boys want to win it!! We come second last year and although it was a great achievement we must try and Better ourselves. There is also such a buzz around the dressing room these days which is important for the team and progressing on for promotion.

What do you think about your performance so far?

Pre-season not so great but had a lot going on off the pitch, however I won my place back in the starting 11 and think my performances has got stronger and more consistent in recent weeks and hope to keep it up through this long season ahead.

What do you think about the management this year?

Dan and John work well together and give up a lot of time to do what they do, they all have a laugh with the boys off the pitch but come game day we all know what is expected of us. They do a good job of keeping the team sharp and focused which obviously is paying off and will play a vital part in wining and losing.


Oct 30

Today’s result

Kennington sun vs Iden Park. Game postponed

Oct 29

Today’s Result’s

Hildenborough 1 – 3 Kennington 1st. Harry Goddard, Brad Jordan and Ross Lawrie.

Folkestone Invicta Disability 2 – 11 Kennington res. Josh Jones (x3), Ryan Strand (x2), Mitchell Punt (x2), Darren Brown, Kieran Lynn, Leon Reed and Steve Rice. 

Oct 28

Q&A with Tommy Scorer

How do you feel the season has gone so far?

The season got off to a slow start with players coming and going. Now we have a settled squad week in week out, we are picking up results and pushing towards the top of the table, where we belong.

How do you think your performance has been in the past few weeks?

Inconsistant, I had a good start to the season, scoring and performing well. The last couple of games I haven’t been playing as well as I could be, so hoping for an improvement this weekend.

Do you think you can keep your scoring form up for the whole season?

Honestly, probably not, but I’m hoping I will. As long as we get 3 points I’m not to bothered about scoring. I only scored 8 last season so to score 7 already I’m happy with it.

What do you think about the management this year, with the new addition of John?

Yeah Dan & John work well together. Dan’s like one of the players, so it’s good to have someone like him that understands us boys. John has brought a more direct approach and his knowledge of the game has helped this season.

Do you think the team has the mental strength to challenge for the honours this season?

Yes definitely, the squad has come together and the changing room is buzzing. We came close last season and now we have strengthened the team, I believe we will be challenging come the end of season.


Oct 28

This Weekend’s Fixtures

Saturday 29th October

Hildenborough Athletic vs Kennington     14.00pm KO

Kennington Reserves vs Folkestone Invicta Disability FC     14.45pm KO         

Sunday 30th October

Kennington vs Iden Park FC     Cup     10.30am KO

Oct 23

Todays result

Prince Albert 1 – 1 Kennington sun.

Oct 22

Todays Results

Halls AFC 0 – 1 Kennington 1st. Joe Fisher

Ashford Athletic res 0 – 5 Kennington res. Josh Jones (x2), Ryan Strand, Paul Barron and Mitchell Punt

Oct 22

Weekend Fixtures

Saturday 22nd October

Halls AFC vs Kennington KIC Cup 13.30 KO (Postcode DA9 9DQ)

Ashford Athletic Res vs Kennington Res 14.45 KO

Sunday 23rd October

Prince Albert FC vs Kennington 10.30am KO

Oct 21

Q&A with Jordan King

What are your thoughts on Dan’s style of management?

I like Dan’s style of management, think he understands every player well. He knows how to deal with certain players to others and also knows everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. I think he has made good relationships with each player aswell out of football which is good.

How do you feel about coming back tomorrow after missing out on a few games due to injury?

Looking forward to come back tomorrow. Missed not playing with the boys over the last couple of weekends but buzzing for them that we have had good results, especially beating top of the league last week!

What do you think about the squad we have now?

I think it’s strong, good to have Ross and Ads playing back together and centre back, best partnership in the league. And think with the likes of Tommy Scorer and Brad Jordan in the team we’re going to score goals too. We’re all buzzing at the minute as well; got good team moral, and good that we’re all a group of mates too.

We have a cup game tomorrow, what needs to be done to see us progress into the next round?

I think we just need to make sure we turn up on the day and play football like we know we can. Don’t think we need to change anything really just carry on with the momentum we got at the moment

What are your hopes for the rest of the season?

I’m hoping for the rest of the season that as a group of players we just keep improving and getting stronger. Hoping to stay fully fit now and do what I can for the team, and with any luck go on and win the league


Oct 16


Borden Village 1 – 4 Kennington 1st. Brad Jordan (x3) and an OG

Kennington res 14 – 2 Biddenden. Darren Brown (x3), Steve Johnson (x3), Ryan Strand (x4), Josh Jones, Brandon Alford and Mark Buckland (x2)


Kennington 7 – 1 Loizers. Josh Jones (x2), Kieran Lynn, Steve Rice, Jason Simms, Lewis Horne and Mitchell Punt.

Oct 14

Q&A with Dan Scorer

How do you think, so far, the season has gone?
I think after a tough pre-season we struggled to settle into games at the start of the season and perhaps lacked in confidence. We have been getting stronger and stronger as the games have gone on and the atmosphere has been very good. We’ve added well to the squad from last season and some of those players have taken their form to the next level. I was gutted to start the season the way we did but I’m delighted with how the boys have reacted and put in some great performances.
What do you think the new players we have brought in this season add? 
I think they’ve all strengthened the team and added competition to the squad. Richard Quigley has added a calm and experienced head to the defence. Harry Goddard gives us a completely different dimension in attack and has added great competition to the forward line. Brad Jordan and George Hayes have both added huge quality to the midfield and allowed us to be a lot more versatile in the way we set up. We’ve also added a great character and experienced head in Ben Holliday who again has added competition for places in defence.
With Jordan King missing through injury, what affect does that have on the team?
Jordy has certainly been one of our strongest and most consistent players so far this season and is definitely a noticeable absence. He has really dominated certain games and is quite often our main transition man when going from defence to attack. So he does leave a noticeable gap but I’m confident that we have players that can step up and continue to do a similar job. Hopefully we’ll have him back in the next 2 weeks.
What do we have to do tomorrow in order to get the win?
I think the mentality will the biggest thing. If we can be confident and go into the game with the right attitude and intensity then I think we’ll be very difficult to play against. The boys have worked hard this week in training and know what is expected of them so I’m looking forward to seeing them play and expect it to be a very good game.
What do you think the new assistant manager, John Ovard, adds to the team?
John has contributed hugely to the teams recent form and will continue to do so throughout the season. He understands what we’re trying to do at the club and we both strive to get the best of a group of players that have so much to offer! He adds a wealth of knowledge of the game at this level and higher and brings a good intensity to the dressing room and during training. The boys have shown him a huge amount of the respect and I know he rates the boys very highly. He’s not afraid to dig players out and that’s what you want. We’ve worked really well together so far and I’m certain his experience and knowledge will only benefit the players and myself more as we look to move forward.
Oct 14


Borden Village vs Kennington 1st. (Those wishing to travel, the postcode is ME9 8LP). KO 14.45
Kennington Reserves vs Biddenden KO 14.45 – Darren Brown, Steve Johnson and Josh Jones all return. Unfortunately, Paul Barron misses through injury.


Kennington vs Loizers KO 10.30


Oct 09


Kennington 7 – 2 Metrogas. Tommy Scorer (x2), Mark O’Gormley, Brad Jordan, Harry Goddard, Matt Forster and Dave Bass.
Kennington res 0 – 0 Smeeth and Brabourne


Kennington 2 – 4 Stanhope and Beaver Rangers. Mitchell Punt and Iain Seamons (penalty)

Oct 08

Q&A with Joe Fisher

How do you think the season has gone so far?

I think we’ve had a strong start, we’ve worked really hard as a group to grind out the results, we’ve conceded a few too many goals but we’ve had a mixture of different people at the back.

What do you think about the squad this year?

We’ve got a good group of boys this year that are willing to work hard for each other which I think is key, the atmosphere is really good at the moment we we need to keep this up to push on for the league.

How did you feel about getting 2 goals last week?

I was buzzing to score two last week and try to help the team progress in the cup hopefully I can keep it up this week and score a few more.

Tom Scorer and George Hayes come back into the squad today, what do you think they will add?

Both have a lot to offer to the team, George works very hard off of the ball which I think is not noticed at times and is a threat going forward, Tommy will bring a lot going forward with his quick feet and shooting he also works very hard. Both will be very good additions to the squad this week.

What do you think about your form in recent weeks?

My form hasn’t been great in my opinion. I’ve been working hard from the front and creating chances but feel I need to score more goals.


Oct 07

Good News!

The club is pleased to announce that Iain Seamons has joined Brad/Keith in managing our Saturday Reserves. The team currently sit second in ADSL Division 1. On the playing side it is also great to see so many old faces returning to the club.

Saturday’s Fixtures

Metrogas vs Kennington. KO 14.45

Smeeth and Brabourne vs Kennington Res. KO 14.45

Sunday Fixture

Kennington vs Stanhope and Beaver Rangers at Sandyacres. KO 10.30

Oct 04


Kennington first travel away to Metrogas. KO at 14.45.

Kennington reserves also travel away to Smeeth and Brabourne. KO 14.45

Oct 04

Kennington Sun 7 – 1 Loizers. Jason Simms (x2), Kieron Lynn (x2), Jake North, Steve Johnson and Sam Cridland.

Oct 01

Kennington 3 – 3 Hawkinge town (3 – 4 Penalties). Goals coming from Joe Fisher (x2) and Danny Shearing.

Kennington Res 5 – 2 Lydd Town 3rds. Goals coming from Ryan Strand (x3) and Josh Jones (x2)

Oct 01


Sunday Division One Manager of the Month award goes to Kennington boss Keith Rice who has guided his team to an unbeaten start to the new season. The Ton have enjoyed league victories against Stanhope Rangers and Loizers so far, as well as earning a draw at promotion contenders Shepway Spartans, to sit in joint first place at the end of September.

Kennington also went through in the Kent Junior Cup last weekend with a 3-1 success against West Malling thanks to goals from Steve Johnson, Mitchell Punt and Jason Simms.

Sep 30

First Team

Kennington vs Hawkinge Town 14.45 KO IRCC Cup – Please note this game has been switched to Hawkinge Town’s ground.

Reserve Team

Lydd Town 3rds vs Kennington 14.45 KO Ashford Charity Trophy.

Sunday Team

Loizers vs Kennington 10.30 KO.

Sep 26

Kennington Sun 3 – 1 West Malling Reserves. Goals coming from Mitchell Punt, Steve Johnson and Jason Simms

Sep 24

Kennington 3 – 1 Hawkinge. Goals came from Tommy Scorer, Harry Goddard and an OG

Kennington Res 6 – 0 Tenterden res. Goals came from Ryan Strand (x2), Joe Edwards, Paul Barron, Keith Rice and an OG.

Sep 22

Thursday 22nd September

Training tonight for the whole club at The Towers school 8.00pm -9.30pm

This weekend’s fixtures

Saturday 24th September

Kennington vs Hawkinge Town 12.00pm KO at Sandyacres (Please note earlier KO time)

Woodchurch vs Kennington Reserves 2.45pm KO

Sunday 25th September

Kennington vs West Malling Reserves 10.30am KO at Sandyacres


Sep 18

Kennington Sun 4 – 2 Loizers. Goals came from Darren Brown (x2) and Sam Cridland (x2)

Sep 17

Kennington 1st 1 – 0 Peckham. Goal came from George Hayes.

Kennington Res 4 – 2 Tenterden Reserves. Goals coming from Darren Brown (x3) and Joe Edwards

Sep 15


Training tonight for everyone at The Towers School 8.00pm – 9.30pm


Fixtures for this coming weekend at Sandyacres:

Saturday 17th September    
Kennington vs Peckham Town           2.45pm KO

Kennington vs Tenterden Reserves    2.45pm KO

Sunday 18th September   
Kennington vs Loizers                        10.30am KO


Despite reports to the contrary it has always been our intention to return to The Julie Rose Stadium. Due to some big athletics meetings that have taken place recently the stadium has had to have some emergency repairs to the playing surface hence the delay in playing. Both Kennington 1st team and our U/18 Kent League side will hopefully be back playing there in the next 3-4 weeks. Meanwhile all our home games will be played at Sandyacres.


Sep 11

Kennington Firsts 0 – 0 Bexley

Kennington Reserves 5 – 1 Rolvenden Reserves. Goals came from Mitchell Punt (x3), Dan Johnson and Dan Mason.

Kennington Sundays 3 – 2 Stanhope and Beaver Rangers. Goals came from Steve Johnson, Mike Hodges and Sam Cridland.

Sep 09


This weekend’s fixtures

Kennington 1st Team vs Bexley 2.45pm KO

  • Scott Bradley and Danny Shearing return to the squad to replace the injured Luke Hughes and Bradley Jordan. Tad Greenfield will also come into the squad to replace the absent Richard Quigley.
  • Harry Goddard will serve the last of his 6 game ban and will return to action next week.
  • We expect Saturday to be our toughest test of the season by far and we have no doubts that we will have to be at our best to beat strong Bexley side who like ourselves had an excellent run of games towards the end of last season to finish in the top 5.
  • Tom Scorer will be looking to continue his great run of form scoring 4 in his first 3 appearances of the season, as will Joe Fisher who has managed to score in each of his last 2 appearances.

We’ve had a good atmosphere at Sandyacres in recent weeks so we’re hoping for even more support tomorrow!


Kennington Reserves vs Rolvenden Reserves    2.45pm KO

Brad and Keith have selection problems with over 20 players available this weekend. Dan mason, Joe Edwards, Mitchell Punt and James Atkins all return. Last week’s hatrick scorer Ryan Strand is unavailable.

Stanhope and Beaver Rangers  vs Kennington (Sunday’s)           10.30am KO

Sep 04

Kennington Sunday 2 – 2 Shepway Spartans. Goals from Jason Simms and Steve Rice

Sep 03

Kennington 1st 5 – 3 Metrogas. Goals from Tommy Scorer (x2), Jordan King, Joe Fisher and Liam Whiting.

Kennington Reserves 4 – 0 Hythe Grovellers. Goals from Ryan Strand (x3) and Michael Hodges.

Sep 02


£100 – Stuart Lancaster
£70 – Andy Watts
£50 – Iain Seamons
£20 – Harvey Heyburn

Sep 02


Saturday first team welcomes Metrogas to Sandyacres. KO – 2.45pm

TEAM NEWS – In addition to last weeks squad, Dave Bass and Adam Mercer return. Danny Shearing misses out through injury. Brad Jordan and Tom Scorer will be looking to continue their hot streak after both scoring in the previous two games.

Saturday reserves travel away to Hythe Grovellers. KO – 2.45pm

Sunday team welcome Shepway Spartans. KO – 10.30am